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Weird behaviour of badges

  • Hi there,
    the badges seem to behave somewhat strange. I do not consider it as important, but the "Thread Master" badge is shown for me. Currently it indicates that I have started 5 threads in the last three week (I doubt that this is the case, but ok).
    Over the weekend, I have noticed that it was not shown at all. According to the published rules for the "Thread Master" badge that is not possible. It should shown at least 1 bar (5 threads in 6 weeks). This morning it shows again 2 bars.

  • why are you concern so much about badges.

  • TobbY, not sure your question is relevant. Paying or not paying attention for this or that feature is personal for everyone. And this one is bug report for relatively new feature, so it has value.

  • Indeed, bug reports for new features are very much appreciated. I count 5+ new threads by "koahnig": in the last three weeks but we shall have a quick check on the counter to make sure it's counting the right thing.

  • Thanks for your reponses.
    at mariusg: the link you are providing is broken. But do not bother.

    I am certainly not concerned about that my badges do show the correct status and no new thread is missing. It may be correct or not at the time being.

    The point is that either you scripts were not running over the weekend or they are most likely wrong.

    Last week the same status 2 bars were shown last week. Over the weekend, definitely on Sunday, the "Thread master" was not shown at all. Today, it was back on 2 bars.
    There is no condition possible to explain such a behaviour.
    If one starts 5 threads in one week, the status is:

    • 3 bars for a week
    • 2 bars for the next 2 weeks
    • 1 bar for 3 weeks
    • 0 bar afterwards

    Spreading 5 threads over 3 weeks provides quite an amount of different scenarios, I leave it to the interested reader to find them all. ;-) Presumably it will display something like

    • 2 bars between 1 day and almost 3 weeks
    • 1 bar for about 3 weeks
    • 0 bar afterwards

  • Ah yes, the search result link times out.

    Alexandra actually want to redo the thread master badge into something else, so this bug might fix it self soon enough. :)

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