Repeater - QQuickItem::stackAfter: Cannot stack after 0x2eb4d768 which must be a sibling

  • Hi,

    I'm trying set dynamic parent of item in a Repeater:

                model: options
                delegate: Text{
                    enabled: model.modelData.enabled
                    text: index+1
                    color: (model.modelData.enabled)?Colors.GREY:Colors.DARK_GREY
                    visible: model.modelData.visible
                    Component.onCompleted: {
                        var temp = findObject(sectionF, "f"+(index+1));////return right parent object
                              this.parent = temp; 

    But the code is throwing a warning: "QQuickItem::stackAfter: Cannot stack after 0x2eaa2560, which must be a sibling".
    The program is running good but I don't know where I'm doing a mistake that I'm getting this warning.
    Or is it not a right solution of my problem?

    Thank you for help

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