Qt License for Commercial Application

  • I want to start a cross-platform project. I had my research and i want to use QT in my application,but i have some question about QT license.
    I am working on Embedded board which already has QT library installed on image that is open source.

    can i use my application as commercial and non open source?

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    @Jignesh-Patel I'm not a lawyer!
    As long as your app links against dynamic Qt libraries it is fine (LGPL allows this).
    You just need to mention somewhere in your app that it uses Qt.
    But if you want to use static Qt libs then you need a commercial license.

  • Yes, I understand and we can display that our application is created using QT.
    But question here is : Do we have to make our source available to the customer for that application?

  • No, if you have a commercial license, you not need to make your source code available.

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    I might misread this
    "has QT library installed on image that is open source."

    But it seems you have open source Qt so all you need to do is just use
    the Qt "dlls" and all be fine. ( as @jsulm says)

  • Hi,
    so if i use Qt Open Source and do dynamic linking do i still have to make my source code available?

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    Nope. You do not.

  • @mrjj When i download Qt Opensource and use Qt Creator and leave everything as default, does it dynamic link the libs by its self or do i have to do it myself?

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    Hi, its dynamic pr default. To use static , you would have to make a static version so its not something
    you would ever do by accident. :)

  • @mrjj So what is the advantages of commercial license anyway?

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    Static Qt build for closed source application.
    Support from the Qt Company.
    Prioritisation of your bug reports.
    No need to publish your Qt modifications if you did any (although it would be very nice).
    Some additional tools and modules that you may find useful that are not in the OpenSource project.

  • I want to verify what understood by me.
    I am developing my application using embedded board which already have open source distribution with QT library.
    GUI will develop using QT creater-open source and it will display "application is created using QT".

    I think above effort does not require to make source open for QT GUI Application.
    Am i right?

  • @Jignesh-Patel Yes, For your case, don't care about license.

  • @Hung-Tran Thanks,
    understand the QT license for open source distribution, I have one question for customise distribution.
    I have customised Linux distribution to remove unnecessary package and make minimal, We are ready for keep source open of new customise Linux distribution.
    I am developing my application using embedded board and install my customise Linux image.
    Now, In above scenario. can i use my application as commercial and non open source?


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    Yes you can be closed source as long as you dynamic link to Qt.

    The license model of the customized Linux distribution is not important in this matter.

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    And unlike what @Hung-Tran wrote: care about the license, using GPL or LGPL also has implications.

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    Hi @Jignesh-Patel
    As long as you dynamically link to (Qt or anything else) LGPL libraries you can keep your source closed and still comply with the LGPL. However if there are GPL licensed libraries that you are linking to, your code needs to be GPL, and thus you need to share your source.

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