Are Android Wear AVDs working well for you

  • Hi,

    For creating the first AVD (after re-installing Android Studio) I used the AVD Manager and created one with this specs:

    alt text

    But when starting it exactly there, I get this error for Android Wear (even so I change, RAM, Use hot GPU, or other specs)

    alt text

    My question is, do you use Android Wear AVDs working properly?
    And the second question is, what is your thought about this problem? Do you think of any solution to solve it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    @tomy Did you try other devices? Nexus 7 isn't a wear device.
    Also what is shown in "Starting Android Emulator" window (it is covered by emulator window in your screen-shot)?

  • Yes, I tested several ones, for example this time I used Nexus 9:

    alt text

    But with the same result: (including the "Starting Android Emulator")
    alt text

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