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How to reduce spacing/padding/margin of the text inside QDoubleSpinBox or QSpinBox to zero?

  • This question is a duplicate of this one on stackoverflow.

    Using Qt 4.8. I would like to set the space between the text of a QSpinBoxes/QDoubleSpinBoxes and the right border of the widget to zero. The left one of the following images is what I got, the right one is what I want:
    QSpinBox, QDoubleSpinBox text padding
    Note that I use setButtonSymbols(QAbstractSpinBox::NoButtons) to remove the up/down arrows.

    The spinboxes are styled using QSS where I can set:

    • The padding of the QSpinBox/QDoubleSpinBox to 0px.
    • The padding, the margin and the border of the QLineEdit inside the spinbox to 0px.
    • I have also created a custom QProxyStyle for the QLineEdit but I'm not able to find any related pixel metric enum that I can use to reduce the space
    • I can also try to mess around with the internal QLineControl class which is not possible without fiddling inside Qt's code base. (I have not tried this yet!)

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