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AVD Manager and SDK Manager do not work

  • My problems with AVDs and SDK and other so-called tools are endless.

    This time neither of AVD Manager nor SDK Manage works. When I double click it just blinks and nothing will be executed/shown.

    The programmers that have created these programs or plans to be used for people for using are the enemies of them.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Are you talking about the Android tools provided by Google ?

  • Yes. I thought it is clear.
    It seems the only right product by google is the google search engin
    sorry, Hi.

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    Then shouldn't you rather bring that problem to them ?

  • And they care about it?
    There are many various bugs/problems in their products. If they wanted to fix, they could have done it so far

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @tomy I never had such problems.
    Are you sure it isn't something with your system?
    "If they wanted to fix, they could have done it so far" - if they didn't have such problems (like me) and nobody reported those how should they know they have to fix them? If you have problems with software you should report them - this is how it works. If you encounter a bug in Qt you report it instead of waiting for Qt developers to detect and fix it by themselves. Many bugs only occur under specific conditions, so you cannot expect developers to detect all bugs by themselves.

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    @tomy If those applications do not start then you should check in Task Manager whether they are already running: sometimes an application hangs and if you try to start it again it detect that it is already running (there is a process) and does nothing.

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