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Maximizing SubWindow in MdiArea

  • Hey Mates,

    I am new to the Qt-community. I am working on a GUI Application and I want it have a MDInterface. My Problem is, when I addSubWindow() everything works. When I Maximize it the Titlebar of the Subwindow goes to the MenuBar. I want the SubWindow to stay into the MDIArea. What am I doing wrong ?

    First I set an MdiArea
    mdiArea = new QMdiArea();

    Afterwards I add a SubWindow

    @MainChild *MainWindow::createMdiChild()
    MainChild *child = new MainChild;
    return child;

    Everything works great till here.

    When the subWindow is maximized it looks like:


    But I want it to stay maximized in the MDIArea... like that


    What do I have to change in the code... any suggestions?


  • I think this will not work without schnaging QMdiArea, as it is the normal behavior of an MDI sub window.

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