QChart horizontal only zoom?

  • I am working on a digital waveform display where only the horizontal zooming makes sense. Is there any way to restrict the zoom to the horizontal scale. I have seen the
    zoomIn(const QRectF &) member, but I would like to avoid the continous rectangle calculation.

  • For the posterity:

    void ZoomableChartView::wheelEvent(QWheelEvent *event)
        if (event->angleDelta().y() > 0) {
            zoomX(2, event->pos().x() - chart()->plotArea().x());
            qWarning() << chart()->plotArea();
        } else if (event->angleDelta().y() < 0) {
            zoomX(0.9, event->pos().x() - chart()->plotArea().x());
    void ZoomableChartView::zoomX(qreal factor, qreal xcenter)
        QRectF rect = chart()->plotArea();
        qreal widthOriginal = rect.width();
        rect.setWidth(widthOriginal / factor);
        qreal centerScale = (xcenter / widthOriginal);
        qreal leftOffset = (xcenter - (rect.width() * centerScale) );
        rect.moveLeft(rect.x() + leftOffset);

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