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Building Qt statically

  • Hey, I have 2 questions about static deployment of an application.

    1. How long does it approximately take to build Qt statically? I know this varies depending on the hardware, but can someone please tell me approximately how much time I have to plan in, if I compile Qt with an i7? (like will it more likely take 1 hour or 1 day) Also is there any amount of hard drive space that needs to be free during building?
    2. I heard that there are some licensing requirements, when you build an app statically? Something like the app has to have a LGPL license (or similar)? If that is true, is it sufficient to use a GPL license?

    Thanks for your answers :)

  • it takes few hours max(1-3), space of 5GB is sufficient and license should be LGPLv3(or GPLv3) if built statically.

  • Thanks :)

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    LGPL license has specific requirements when dealing with static builds. You have to provide the means to rebuild your application against another version of Qt which gets complicated if you'd like to keep your code private.

    If you are using the GPL license and provide your code, then you're good to go.

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