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sound quality issues

  • Hello people,
    I am trying to stream the media file from HDMI cable as an input source. When I implement it in cpp, Video quality was ok, but audio quality was very bad and i couldnt improve the quality. (Playback quality is good also if i stream it in VLC or other player in my computer, audio quality is good as well)
    Then I tried to implement it in front end and i was hoping that QT multymedia is supporting the audio, now i have a video without any problem, but it seems that QML does not support live stream audio feature.
    Can anyone help me to solve this issue ?
    I only need to have a live stream from a HDMI input :D

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    Since VLC is working correctly, what about using the VLC-Qt project ? That way you can leverage VLC multimedia features with your Qt application.

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