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Got SIGSEGV in QObjectPrivate::addConnection(...) when debug qml

  • I have a very complicated Qt Quick 2 program, and it run normally. But when I try to debug it, Qt Creator alert SIGSEGV in QObjectPrivate::addConnection(...), what is wrong with that?

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    Very difficult to predict what is the issue. It may be failing when connections are made between objects. Either it may be a issue of connections you r trying to create in qml or connect in backend using connect method. If you are exposing the object to qml just see whether it is still valid object at qml side.

  • Try to debug with lower version of Qt, 5.6 for example. Because with Qt 5.8 I got crash on app start, from logs it shows that something wrong with bindings (my app runs without crash on Qt 5.6)

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