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  • I am an absolute newbie to Qt5, but need to produce an information panel at the bottom of an application.
    I will need to read from a mysql database (not a problem?) I had thought to have a news ticker style panel.
    Can anyone please advise me as to whether there is a widget or some code I can use either as the answer or a good starting point.
    I am ok using c /c++.

    I am asking as I am partially sighted and dread having to read everything which will take weeks, so thought some kind person could help me out.
    Thanks and kind regards,


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    SQL is not a problem, Qt provide the QtSql module, the only thing to take into account is that if you don't use a distribution provided Qt, you may have to rebuild the MySQL plugin but nothing impossible.

    As for your widget you'll likely have to do some custom painting with the help of a timer to make your text move at a nice speed.

  • Thank you both very much for the amazing speed with which help was given to me.
    Truly a great forum.

    Kind regards,


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