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Imposible compile QT for static aplication

  • A hug people. Here I am again. Yesterday I passed a whole day trying to compile qt for static aplications, with the goal to avoid carry all time whit the dll files. My version is (qt-opensource-windows-x86-android-5.7.0.exe). When I begin the instalation I marked "Sources", then when I write in the admin console the word configure with all necesaries parameters one error appear, saying that qmake not found and, mingw32 not found, and then the configure step abort suddenly. I have a question, I can compile for static with this instalation who has sources with it, or I need to download the sources in the web page of qt. Because I think that maybe there are missing files with my previus procedure. Please, I need some very very explain guide step by step about how I can do this. Than you, and sorry any gramatical error, I dont speack english.

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    @zealot2 said in Imposible compile QT for static aplication:


    You want to build for Android?
    Also, you should post the configure output here (and configure call with parameters you're using).

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