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Set make flag for all projects

  • Hello,

    I would like to add the make flag -j4 to all my projects. Currently, I have to add it in every project opened in Qt Creator, in the field "Make argument" of the build step. I don't want to set it in the .pro file, because in our team any developers could need to set a different value of -j, depending on their computer.

    We saw that there is a file named qconfig.pri in the directory mkspecs of the SDK installation. Can I put the flag in that file ? Or is there another file more suitable for this kind of things ?

  • @Pamplemousse-MK-2

    Are you using creator?

    There you should be able to go "Projects" under "Build&Run"->"build". There is possible to set the build environment
    You can add an entry
    for instance.

  • Yes, we use Qt Creator and we always need to add this flag in the Build&Run options. I am looking for a global solution, with which I don't have to go the Build&Run options anymore for each new project.

  • @Pamplemousse-MK-2

    When you are entering this on each machine where the creator is used, it will apply to all projects on that machine. Eventually you need to check whether it is updated for all projects already loaded in created. New projects are taking over those system environment settings.

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