Anybody every generated a signed SAML assertion using Qt?

  • I haven't played with the crypto in Qt yet (I presume there's some) - but I was curious if anyone's got example code lying around.

    I've written C++ code in the past that went through the laborious process of doing this (we have a SAML auth system that we bridge other auth method into (IWA, LDAP, Kerberos, OAuth) - after validating the user via those other auth mechanisms, my code creates a SAML assertion that's signed with a key the SAML auth system has been configured to recognized as a SAML IDP. I'm refactoring this shortly, and I'd like to take as much advantage of Qt as I can of course - Qt continues to surprise me with all kinds of nifty ways to do things.

    I was just wondering if anyone's done this in a, at least somewhat, Qt oriented fashion.

    Cheers :)

  • @VRHans Well, I'll post the results as long as I can minimize the dependencies when I finish :).

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