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Qt3D Elements: how to block/turn off their rendering?

  • Hi,

    I set up a very small project using a number of Scene3D elements, with the intent to stress test and see if I could use Qt3D for a project. I kept adding them until I saw their individual frame rates drop. Afterward, I set about half of their visibilities to false, but found no improvement in the framerates of the remaining visible elements. My naive assumption, then, is that they're still rendering in the background even if they're not in the final display element.

    Is there some way to block rendering of a Scene3D somehow? I assume that if it's there, it's somewhere in the Framegraph settings... But I'm still very unfamiliar with Qt3D. Thanks!

  • I'm not familiar with Scene3D, but I once tried a stress test without QML. I think I think I deleted the entities and their added components with

    In the Basic shaped c++ example, the parent of an entity just gets set to nullptr to disable it.

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