uic_wrapper.bat fails product compilation

  • Hi,
    I've just upgraded Qt to version 5.6.2 (from 4.8.6) by downloading the source code and compiling it locally.
    Before the upgrade, while compiling my code I've seen a call to uic.exe from the Qt folder.
    The problem is that while compiling my code with the new Qt, a different call is being made ("call 'compiled_folder'\ uic_wrapper.bat").
    This results in error later. How should I approach this issue?


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    @Adib Is your 5.6.2 Kit correctly set up? Are there any warnings/errors?
    Did you rerun qmake after switching to 5.6.2 and then a complete rebuild?

  • Thanks for your answer.
    I followed the instructions on http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/windows-building.html.
    Did i miss anything?
    I didn't get any errors/warnings and there was no mentioning of rerunning qmake as you said.


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    @Adib The link you posted only talks about building Qt not about using that build for your projects. You have a problem while building your software with Qt 5.6.2, right?
    So my questions are still valid: did you set-up a Kit with Qt 5.6.2? If so, are there any warnings/errors? Did you rerun qmake after selecting the Kit with Qt 5.6.2 (you always have to do this when switching Kit)? Did you rebuild? So, how do you use Qt 5.6.2?

  • Hi,

    Indeed I have a problem while building my software with Qt 5.6.2.
    I didn't set-up a Kit with Qt 5.6.2. We didn't do it also in previous Qt upgrades. Is it mandatory to use Kit? Why should I use it?
    In our application during the compilation we use Qt as external libs. I've changed the path to point the Qt5.6.2 output instead of our previous Qt version.


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    @Adib That's why I asked how you build your app. Do you use QtCreator? qmake? If so then you need to setup a Kit - your own Qt builds will not be recognized automatically.
    "I've changed the path to point the Qt5.6.2 output instead of our previous Qt version" - where did you changed the path?

  • Indeed I'm using qmake ("%QTDIR%\bin\qmake" -makefile 'filename'.pro -o %makefile_filename%). Could you please instruct me on how to continue?
    I've changed the path in my makefile.

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    That's pretty unusual to do command line development on Windows.

    That note, what path are modifying in your Makefile ?

    That's calling for trouble. You should rather setup your command line correctly than start fiddling with paths.

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