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Cannot convert Qt4 Signal and slot to Qt5 Syntax

  • Hello! Ealier I have the following signal and slot connect in my project, with Qt4 Syntax. And it runs well for a long time. ( CameraBus::getInstance() is the instance of a singleton, and getMainFrameObserverObj() returns a shared pointer of its member who is a instance of MainCameraFrameObserver. )

                 SIGNAL(createdNewImg(cv::Mat)), this,SLOT(repaintImage(cv::Mat)));

    Now I want to write it in the Qt5 Syntax, since my project is using more and more Qt5 functions and features, so I change the code to this:

     &MainCameraFrameObserver::createdNewImg,  this,&QmlImagePainter::repaintImage);

    However, I got the following two errors. I haven't understand everything of the Qt5 signal and slot, just changed the syntax but nothing else, anyone has idea about this?

    error: invalid conversion from ‘QObject*’ to ‘const Object* {aka const MainCameraFrameObserver*}’ [-fpermissive]

    error: no matching function for call to ‘QmlImagePainter::connect(QObject*, void (MainCameraFrameObserver::)(cv::Mat), QmlImagePainter, void (QmlImagePainter::*)(cv::Mat))’

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    What is the signature of your getter function ?

    Do you have overloads for your slot ?

  • Hi thanks for the reply.

    The getMainFrameObserverObj() function is of type QObject* , it's a shared pointer of the sender. The slot has no overloads.

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    In that case shouldn't your rather have something like:

    MainCameraFrameObserver *observer = qobject_cast<MainCameraFrameObserver *>CameraBus::getInstance().getMainFrameObserverObj();
    QObject::connect(observer, &MainCameraFrameObserver::createdNewImg, this, &QmlImagePainter::repaintImage);

    And only then the connection statement ?

    On a side note, it seems a bit strange that QmlImagePainter needs to know about your singleton and the MainCameraFrameObserver. This makes a tight coupling that will likely bring problems of maintenance in the long run.

  • @SGaist Thanks a lot! I see, compared with the earlier syntax with SIGNAL() and SLOT(), the sender in the connect cannot simply be a QObject* anymore. I'll fix it.

    Also thanks for your note, my idea is that, I have a singleton named CameraBus, it emits images continously. And different other classes will be notified and then run their different slots(image displaying, processing... etc). So I connect the singleton's image signal with different slots in different classes.

    I'm not experienced in large projects. Could you please give me a few hints about how to do it correctly? Thank you very much!

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    The problem with your approach is that the classes that might be interested with the update have to know about your singleton, it should rather be done on a higher level e.g. the class that will manage the lifetime of QmlImagePainter.

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