qresource Custom attributes?

  • Hey!
    qresource provide awesome feature, as for example "lang", attribute.

    <qresource lang="fr">
        <file alias="cut.jpg">cut_fr.jpg</file>
    //If the user's locale is French (i.e., QLocale::system().name() returns "fr_FR"), :/cut.jpg becomes a reference to the cut_fr.jpg image. 

    But I want add custom attribute, for example mode, and change images depend on current mode of application.

    <qresource mode="black">
        <file alias="cut.jpg">cut_black.jpg</file>
    <qresource mode="green">
        <file alias="cut.jpg">cut_green.jpg</file>

    Any possibilities?

  • I don't have answer to that qresource question, but I already gave in the other tread a way to use graphical effects (ColorOverlay) to change the color of images.

  • Thanks, but I interested exactly in attributes.

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    AFAIK no, however you could use QFileSelector and organise your files differently.

    Hope it helps

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