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What packages do I need to install

  • @jsulm

    For testing in simulator you can install Android image for x86 - it should be faster than ARM v7.

    Using qt-opensource-windows-x86-android-5.8.0 I only installed Android ARMv7 (not Android x86) and have the Android for armeabi-v7a (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.8.0) (default) as the default kit for Android apps.

    You can uninstall all not needed Android version.

    So in this case, should I uninstall all Intel x86 ones (please remember my CPU is Intel).

    If your app is going to run on Android 5.1.1 for example you can remove all newer versions.

    Honestly I don't use an Android device; my device is an iPhone. But I want to write apps for Android devices (Samsung end etc) for people, and in this step, for Android versions that are "more common". I don't have a special version in mind to create apps for.

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    @tomy It doesn't matter what CPU is in your PC as you're developing for Android devices.
    If you don't need Android for x86 then you can unsinstall them. But still you can uninstall ARM v7 for not needed Android versions as well. If you develop your app for Android 5.1.1 for example it will work with 5.1.1 and newer versions, so you only need to test twith 5.1.1.

  • I didn't install Android x86 because I was told that in 90% of cases (or something like that) it's Abdroid ARMv7 that is needed/enough.

    It seems that you consider Android 5.1.1 (API 22) as the more common Android version used nowadays. If so, does it mean that I should install only the 4 items (checked boxes) of the image below and then uninstall "all" the other packages?

    alt text

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    @tomy Yes you can keep those packages for 5.1.1 (or what ever minimal version you want to support).
    I suggested x86 because it is faster when using emulator (faster because your PC CPU is x86, so the emulator does not have to translate ARM v7 to x86). I usually have both: x86 for testing in emulator and ARM v7 for testing on device.

  • @jsulm

    I suggested x86 because it is faster when using emulator (faster because your PC CPU is x86,

    No I haven't said it. Please look. My CPU is x64 and my OS too.

    alt text

    As the last question, consider I choose those for API 22, 21 and 20, do I need to install the SDK Platform and Google APIs of those versions/APIs too?

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    @tomy I know that you have x86_64 CPU, not sure why you keep saying it (x86_64 CPU can execute x86 code natively - this is how 64bit Windows is executing 32bit software).
    Regarding your question: do you need those older 20/21 APIs? You need to decide which minimal Android version you want to support, I cannot do it for you.

  • @jsulm

    @tomy I know that you have x86_64 CPU, not sure why you keep saying it

    Because you insist on that I have x86 (making that assumption I don't have x64).

    (x86_64 CPU can execute x86 code natively - this is how 64bit Windows is executing 32bit software).

    Of course, it's true.

    Thanks for the time you dedicated for helping me. I will choose one of your answers as "the question's answer".
    But, sorry, you didn't talk about "SDK Platform and Google APIs".

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    @tomy OK, it was a misunderstanding - I usually just say x86.
    You need SDK Platform and Google APIs for minimal Android version you're going to support.

  • Thank you.
    Apparently I can't choose one of the answer as the "question's answer"! I make the thread solved.

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    You can do it from the vertical three dot menu when the thread is not yet marked a solved.

    Or if you already marked it as solved, you can undo that and then select the answer that you deem to be the correct answer.

  • Hi SGaist,
    And the which should be picked?
    alt text

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    First mark your thread as unsolved in with the "Topic Tools" and then you'll have an additional entry in the three dot menu.

  • I did it but I don't have that option still!

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    Even after reloading the page ?

  • Yes. So I mark it as solved for now.

  • The issue is solved but one question is remained! :)

    There are two folders on the SDK Manager window, named Tools and Extras. I was not sure but installed only these 6 items:

    alt text

    And this one can't be uninstalled!

    alt text

    Apart from those I have installed from previous posts here and these ones, do I need to install, for example, more Android SDK Build-Tools too, please?

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    AFAIK, only the latest is needed usually.

  • @SGaist
    Do you mean "Broken source Package" from Extras folder?
    If so, I will uninstall the Tools packages all.

  • Here are the complete screenshots. Do I need to install any of the "not installed" of the followings?

    First the Tools folder:

    alt text

    And the Extra folder:

    alt text

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    I was talking about the build tools. Either there was a glitch when I saw your answer but I didn't had the part about the "Broken Source Package"

  • Yeah, you are right; it happens for me too.
    So the answer is: I need to only install "Android SDK Build-tools (Obselete) Rev. 17" as well, yeah?

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    AFAIK, no, you don't need to have every version of the build tools installed.

  • OK, so I leave it as it is, without any change.

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