Asking again , looking for the best way to create flouting menu that is attached to left of the screen

  • Hello
    maybe there is no good answer or i did not explain my problem right ( English isn't my native language ) . i will try again .
    i like to create flouting menu that is attached to the left side of the screen always , and when i click on it it will slide to the right . this menu have to be always on top and always attached to the middle left side of the screen.
    how should i start this ?

  • A floating menu is a QMenu. Showing a QMenu, you use the following code snippet:

    QMenu myMenu;

    somePositio may be anything in screen coordinates. You can retreive screen size etc by QDesktopWidget.

  • the best is to show you what i like here is a client that is using what i like to build , its transperent layer menu on the left of the screen :
    i know that doing it with calculation screen coordinates is not easy , is there any framework for this maybe ?

  • Where is the problem?
    you need start and end coordinates and then some QPropertyAnimation.

    That should do the trick. But calculating start and end positions is up to you.

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