App over size in displays of devices

  • Sorry any gramatical error. I really speak spanish.
    Good afternoon for all. I made my first simple app for android devices. The problem is that it had tested this app in many devices, in some devices it appear very small in the whole windows, making imposible run and work with my app, in other devices my app appear very huge for that particular display. How can I fix that please? I was searching on google I am look that there is some method to get the DPI or resolution of the some device in particular, some thing like import android.view.Display;, but the reserve word import don't work in qt creator. Please some help.

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    @zealot2 try out QtQuickControls2 where HighDPI support comes out of the box

  • You can also have a look at V-Play Engine for app development, which offers QML components like NavigationStack that work density- and device-independent. For handling density-independence in your custom UI components and layouts, you can have a look at the tutorial: Supporting Multiple Screens Sizes and Densities with V-Play Apps.


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