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Error when starting Qt Creator on windows

  • I just installed Qt Creator on my PC (I have windows 8.1) and I just can't make it open. I'm getting the error with "'api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll' is missing from your computer" and I have all the Visual C++ Redistributable installed and I reinstalled all of them and I still get the error. I don't know what to try anymore. 0_1487332193914_upload-9bfa789e-01e3-4d74-986a-d8225c7bd436

  • Hi, and welcome to the forum. Which Qt installer did you use?

  • qt-unified-windows-x86-2.0.5-online, I'm a student, I just want to use Qt for my projects. One thing to note is the fact that when I install Qt I only selected the last version (5.8) and also deselect MinGW 5.3.0 cause I already have it installed on my system (maybe I should remove it and let it install it's compiler?) and also, it gave me an error when I tried to install it. I just reinstalled Qt Creator with Qt 5.8 and MinGW 5.3.0 selected under it to show you the error I got while installing it when MinGW 5.3.0 is selected. 0_1487338217300_upload-2874e72c-fb86-4d9a-bc6b-ba5334b293ef

  • hi
    you can install VC ++ run time 2015 to fix it

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