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Why my extra compiler don't appear

  • Hello,

    I need to add an extra compiler to my project to process on cuda:

    cudaLINK.input    = ./Blending_cuda.o
         cudaLINK.output   = uu.obj
         cudaLINK.commands = $$CUDA_DIR/bin/nvcc.exe -dc $$NVCC_OPTIONS $$CUDA_INC $$LIBS \
                        --machine $$SYSTEM_TYPE -arch=$$CUDA_ARCH \
                        --compile -cudart static -DWIN32 -D_MBCS \
                        -Xcompiler "/wd4819,/EHsc,/W3,/nologo,/O2,/Zi" \
                        -Xcompiler $$MSVCRT_LINK_FLAG_RELEASE \
                        -o Blending_cuda.o CCL_cuda.o $$CUDA_OBJECTS_DIR/$${TARGET}.obj
         cudaLINK.dependency_type = TYPE_C
    But on my makefile.release there is no command in my cudaLink compiler:
    	-$(DEL_FILE) uu.obj

    Can someone explain me how it is possible?

    Edit: This problem appear on windows but on Linux the compiler line exist.

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