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Deploying on other platforms as well

  • @p3c0

    Better to uninstall the previous one

    Thanks, but I don't want to code only for Android platform. If possible I'm going to install it on a subfolder in C:\Qt.


    QtCreator is not Qt - why should you install Qt over QtCreator?

    I said that because I just wanted to have only an IDE for both.

    Install it somewhere - you probably already have this folder c:\Qt with your old Qt version, install the Android version there in a subfolder.
    QtCreator can handle multiple Qt versions, so no need to uninstall your existing version.

    Good, I will do that. Thanks.

    Thanks for your info.
    There isn't the path you talked about in 5.7 in Devices, yes.

    PS: I haven't installed Qt creator (of Qt 5.7), only Qt Creator (Community).

  • I decided to uninstall 5.7 and installed qt-opensource-windows-x86-android-5.8.0.exe with these features.
    Now I think I should add an AVD on the AVD Manager cadre of the Android tab.
    I tried to create a new AVD named "AVD_for_Android_apps" this way, but it needs an imgae (!) seemingly!

    Have I gone the way correctly?

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    @tomy I think you need to run
    ./android update sdk inside android sdk folder
    which will launch an sdk manager where you can update sdk's and install system images.

  • If you meant SDK Manager file, I ran this as Administrator and it showed this page. It appears that everything is installed and needs no changes!

  • It worked (although I don't know how! :)).
    Now I'm following an example of docs for being familiar with android programming, and have three options/kits for choosing.

    Two last questions:
    1- should I always check only the checkbox of the first one, "Android for armeabi-v7a (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.8.0)", for Android apps?

    And 2- Should I always check only the checkbox of the third one, "Desktop Qt 5.8.0 MinGW 32bit (default)", for Windows apps?

    Everything OK now?

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    Theres a reason, that there are 2 Android-kits, armeabi-v7a and x86.

    Never the less 90% off all android devices have the v7 architecture so you're most likly fine with arm7 as the only selection for your android compiler.

    If you want to publish your app in the Play-Store, you should compile for both, make sure that it works for both, and publish them both. GooglePlay will handle the correct distribution for you.

  • Good info thanks. (And is the answer of the second question, "yes"?)

    OK, I continued the project and have the files of it on Qt Creator.
    for example, this introductory example have two buttons on MainForm.ui.qml. Do I need an android device (say, a Samsung mobile) to test the projects, each time!!?

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    1. Yes and no, yes if you only plan to develop it for Windows and no if you want to test it on Windows + Android

    No you don't need a device, you can use the emulator coming with the SDK however using a device allows you to have "real life" tests.

  • I'm very new on both Qt, and Android programming so I spare it for latter to decide and for the time being I choose them separately for each type of codes/platforms.

    I found this and had a look at the Running an App in the Android Emulator section and have this emulator.

    Now I have that and also a folder named Andapp1 of the Docs example. There is no .apk extension file to run on an Android device!

    I'm trying to find how to run that project using that emulator. (Rather complicated).

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    @tomy When you run your application does it pop up a window as to where to run the app?
    The apk is created somewhere in the build folder. Check the build logs.

  • @p3c0
    There is no Build folder. Have I gone wrongly? :-(

    When I run Andapp1 project using Qt Creator, this window comes up and the OK key is grayed out and it's not possible to select Nexus-5 there!
    By double clicking on Nexus-5 there, I get these errors at the bottom of the Qt Creator:

    Error while building/deploying project Andapp1 (kit: Android for armeabi-v7a (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.8.0))
    When executing step "Deploy to Android device"

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    @tomy Didn't you add new AVD as you checked here?

  • @p3c0
    Do you recommend reading the instructions written that link please? Or you have used a more plain and clear tut for creating a virtual android devicd to test Android apps?

  • @p3c0 said in Deploying on other platforms as well:

    @tomy Didn't you add new AVD as you checked here?

    No, because in Kit section, The armeabi-v7a and x86 were on the list for the new project. And I simply chose armeabi-v7a.
    AVD Manager cadre is still empty there!

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    @tomy You need to create new Android Virtual Device so that it will be listed in the manager. Choose it and deploy on it.
    If you have a physical device then it is more easier. Just turn on USB Debugging, connect the device to your machine, run you app, choose your physical device from the list, wait for it to deploy and execute. That's it.

  • @p3c0
    No I don't have an physical Android device (I use an iPhone).

    So I need to firstly create a new virtual device so that it will be listed on the AVD Manager. Then adding it and running the app.

    OK, I go for it, but what tut do you suggest me to follow. And please bear in mind it's the first time for me.

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    So I need to firstly create a new virtual device so that it will be listed on the AVD Manager. Then adding it and running the app.


    OK, I go for it, but what tut do you suggest me to follow. And please bear in mind it's the first time for me.

    Yes I do understand. Honestly speaking the Qt Docs are quite enough. What you are looking for is here:
    And the emulator part on that page is here:

  • OK, thanks.
    I follow them.

  • I tried, but no success on the issue unfortunately. :-(

    You may want to see this.

  • Hi all,

    I could finally handle the problem, not completely though.
    Thanks for your help up to here.

    I mentioned it on other thread too and if possible I would like to know your ideas as well.
    Please see the screenshot below. I want to know, what stuffs/updates do I need to install please?

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