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    According to this article :
    I've downloaded the Androied SDK tool and i've make new folder give it sdk name and put the tool folder insider it and i start installing
    alt text

    alt text

    then i've opened the qt creator tools->option->Android and i've path the sdk path ( same path i've installed the tools on it )
    alt text

    but there is no folder for ndk , the article didn't says anything about it he just download the api and it auto download with it the ndk folder

    so from where i can download it ?

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    The NDK is a separate download, it's independent of the SDK. Note that there's a bug in the 13 series so you should grab the r10e. More information here.

  • Hi,

    interesting. I had to set this up last week for a work project on armv7a and it worked with the NDK v13. Maybe just parts are affected? Our project uses QML only. Anyway, since the tutorials I found all lead to dead ends, I wrote the steps down that went successful for me.

    As a side note. Once you have the NDK unpacked and the paths set, the installer will show it as shown in the screenshots.

    Hope it helps.

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