[solved]ProxyModel not working

  • I've inherited QSortFilterProxyModel creating class MyProxyModel
    in this class I rewrite data() method to show something different on column 4.
    MyProxyModel *pmod = new MyProxyModel(this);

    I don't know why those printf have different outputs:
    the first uses the real data in the underlying model
    the second shows the data I want

    (ui->tblOre->model()==pmod) returns true

    obviusly the problem is that when I use the view to show data, in the column I need to show particular data, real data is shown.

  • Well, can you paste your implementation of data()?

  • solved by myself...
    the problem was that I've omitted the const in the data() function signature, so superclass method was called.
    thanks anyway

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