Which you suggest PySide or PyQt? + Why?

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    Which you suggest PySide or PyQt for Python developers and why? Can we use Qt5 this tools? I think license of PySide is GPL, LGPL and commercial (like Qt), but license of PyQt is GPL and commercial, not LGPL. Also PySide is developed by The Qt Company, PyQt is developed by Riverbank Computing. Can we develop mobile applications with PySide or PyQt? Both support all Qt libraries? Qt Creator has got fine Python support (add-on etc.)? Thanks.

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    No special suggestions, the goal of both is to provide a complete set of bindings for the Qt modules.

    PySide2 information can be found here. If you need to start right now with Qt 5 and python, PyQt might be the current best option.

    I haven't tested Python for mobile application so I can't comment on that however there might be catches with the mobile platform development rules about using an interpreter that you should check.

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