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Send Signals between different Qml Objects

  • Hello,
    I have some items define in different QML files and i load them dynamically base on user option in my main qml. I want when one of these items is clicked to load a specific item in my main QML file.
    As i was searching for a solution for this i tried Signals but i can only make it work if items are defined in main QML. I think the problem lies in the way i initialize my QML items(i dont know if there is otherway around)

    The code below is how i choose which Grid to load (the items are initialized there) base on user option

     function getModelFile()
            if (choice === "1") return "Fourby4Mesh4VCs.qml";
            else if (choice === "2") return "Threeby3Mesh4Vcs.qml";
                    height: rowLayout.width*0.55
                    anchors.left: topologyLayout.left
                    sourceComponent: none.none

  • @nnicou Your code tells nothing, I can't even see how it's related to your question. If you use Loader, did you follow "Receiving signals from loaded objects" in Loader doc?

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    It is about signals between different objects. You are loading QML file through loader. This creates new object that representing that qml file. You can access the object creation loader through id:loadTopology.item.

    You can define connections like this for the signals which are emitted from the qml files which are loaded through loader.

    Connections {
    target : loadTopology.item


    Please note it is not about signals between qml files. QML files are components. You are creating the objects from these components. Signals/slots communication need to happened between objects.

  • Sorry i have a edited my post but i am not sure if have explained correct what i am trying to do

    I will add a photo that it may explained better what i ma trying to do

  • @dheerendra Your post helped me alot and thank you for the explanation.!

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