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How to add translation to Qt repository?

  • Hi

    I've just completed Persian translation of Qt. I wish to publish it in Qt repository if possible. but don't know where to start. I know official Qt repository is on gitorious but don't know what should I do for add my translation file. Should I clone translation repository and open a merge request? How?

  • There are informations on how to contribute to Qt "here":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Qt_Contribution_Guidelines


    Create a personal clone of Qt on Gitorious.

    Push your changes into a branch in your personal clone.

    Create a merge request for your changes into the Qt repository.

    Review and agree to our "contribution agreement":http://qt.nokia.com/merge_requests/agreement/ (you only need to do this once, unless the license changes)

    A team of Qt developers from Nokia will review the merge request.

    If your contribution satisfies our technical requirements then your code is subjected to a code scan with our legal team. This takes approximately two weeks (we hope to automate this in future).

    Assuming the scan is successful, will include the changes and they will appear in the Qt repository.


  • Thanks loladiro. I'll try and post again here.

  • Which repository I should clone? qttranslations or qt ?

  • AFAIK, all translation merge requests are always on the qt repository. However, you could ask the Qt developers via IRC at irc.freenode.net #qt-labs.

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