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Cant find procedure entry point after merge 2 Projects

  • Hello

    I have 2 QT-Projects, one is done with QWidgets and a gui. The other one is one i got from here:
    QTcpServerThreadPool - a downloadlink to the project in on there too.

    Now, ifi start those 2 Projects (mine and the other one) it works fine. Now i wanted to copy over all the files to my first project, so i have just one.

    Then the error message "cant find procedure entry point of "??0QDateTime@@QAE@$$QAV0@@Z" could not be found in the QT5Network.dll"

    I already tried to copy the dll into the Exe-dir, didnt help.

    What im doing wrong?

  • @Aroc

    Are you possibly mixing different Qt versions and/or different compilers?

    What is your IDE?
    What is the tool chain?

  • IDE is VS. What u mean with Toolchain?

    About different QT versions - i only have one installed (5.8), so it should work fine

  • @Aroc

    Toolchain is the compiler and Qt tools for this compiler.

    When using ms compilers you cannot mix between versions because the obj and libs are not compatible. The generated object code varies between ms compiler versions. Therefore, you need to download and install pre-compiled Qt libs generated for your specific compiler. Alternatively you can compile Qt libs and the associated tools with athe compiler of your choice to ensure full compatibility.

    The error you are showing is somewhat typical for mixed version, because the object code is not compatible.

    Did you compile both projects yourself with the same compiler?

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