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error :-1: error: D8021 : invalid numeric argument '/Wextra'

  • iam working on project blockchain cryptocurrency
    but then i compiled it and run on windows 10 64 bit , it throws error
    :-1: error: D8021 : invalid numeric argument '/Wextra'

    can i know what it is all about

  • Looks like you have a '/Wextra' in your code where you probably wanted "/Wextra"

  • Hi @aminnagpure,

    The problem is most likely that the project file (*.pro or CMakeLists.txt) you're using is specifying a compiler flag that is only supported by clang / gcc, but not MSVC.

    Specifically, the -Wextra flag is used by clang and gcc (including MinGW) to enable extra compiler warnings. But cl.exe (the Microsoft compiler) does not support that flag (it uses something like /W4 or /Wall instead).

    Have you written your own project file?


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