Qt Creator with jom on Windows 10 cannot find cl

  • I recently replaced my Qt 5.6.0 installation for MSVC 2013 64 bit on Windows 10.
    I have MSVC 2013 update 4 professional installed and working fine.

    When I try to build my pro files I created using the previous installation I get an error saying jom can't find the cl command. This was not a problem before I reinstalled Qt 5.6.0. The new installation should be exactly the same as the previous one???

    BTW I also newly installed Qt 5.6.2 and get the same error when creating an new project.

    Can anyone tell me what might cause this and how I can fix it?
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • I figured this one out, somehow I had lost the c:\Windows\system32 entry from my path...
    All fixed and working fine again.

    Sorry to have bothered.

  • Do you install SDK tools?

  • Yes I did

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