Qt Controls 2: Stack View "Freezes"

  • Hi,
    I have a Qt Quick 2 scene like this:

    A page is displayed in a full screen stack view. This page shows a list of items. Clicking on of those items pushes anothes page on top of the stack which shows a another page with some content.

    The page, which is currently not visible, because its down the stack view now gets an update in the ListModel -- items are added or removed or both, so i assume the ListView updates itself.

    Now: The currently visible page (top of the stack) gets inreactive: all Qt Quick Buttons are doing nothing anymore, no highlight, no signal; Key events are not delivered -- no way to leave the current page, because the Keyboard shortcut as well as the Back Button do not work anymore.

    Trying to "pop" the StackView with Gamma Ray also shows no reaction. The Qt Quick scene in Gamma Ray still looks "normal" -- it does not seem to change when the ListModel updates.

    I also made the "top" page very simple: a full screen web view loading a static "test" URL, to ensure, removing Items from the list does not interfer with the "detail" view. Same result here -- Qt Quick Buttons are freezed but: The Web View still works. I can scroll and click on links...

    Is this a bug with Stack View? Is it not allowed to update a page within the stack?

    Best Regards,

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