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Mobility Messaging - Send E-mail with "text/html" MIME type

  • Hello Everyone!!!

    I was trying to sell an e-mail with html through Qt Mobility using the Messaging Module, I have done something like this:

    @QMessageService* serviceAction = new QMessageService();
    QMessage message;
    message.setSubject("QtMobility Messaging");
    QString htmlBody("<html><head><title>Prueba</title></head><body><h2 align=center>%1</h2><hr>%2</body></html>");

    message.setBody(htmlBody.arg("hola!").arg("Cómo estás?????"),"text/html"); // here i have specified the mime type to "text/html"

    QMessageManager manager;

    foreach (const QMessageAccountId &id;, manager.queryAccounts()) {
        QMessageAccount account(id);
        QString nameStr(account.name());
        qDebug() << "name: " << nameStr;
        if(nameStr=="Mail for Exchange")
        qDebug() << "id:" << id.isValid() << " string:" << id.toString();

    qDebug() << serviceAction->send(message);
    delete serviceAction;@

    But when the e-mail arrives, it shows the html as a text plain like this:

    <html><head><title>Prueba</title></head><body><h2 align=center>hola!</h2><hr>Cómo estás?????</body></html>

    I am using Qt Mobility 1.1.3, can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  • [quote author="gronerth" date="1310595503"]Hello Everyone!!!
    But when the e-mail arrives, it shows the html as a text plain like this:

    How do you show the email message?

  • [quote author="Chuck Gao" date="1311951392"]

    How do you show the email message?


    What do you mean of how do i show?...do you mean how do i see the received message? If it does, i see the received message in the inbox of the gmail, I also have tested with hotmail..

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