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Convert Documents file using Abiword

  • I try to convert RTF file to doc file as found in an example when I search I found here a solution to use the AbiWord to convert this file and give and example to use it this command

    AbiWord —to=outputfile.rtf inputfile.doc

    I use this command but when I use it open the AbiWord application contains the text inside it not make a new file with the converted format so what command i should use to do so if this possible
    thanks in advance

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    That's a question to ask to the AbiWord folks.

  • I ask here to see if anyone try this before or have a solution how to handle this files conversion if there is a library in c++ to do so to help me

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    Hmm, Did u read Abiwords docs?

    What you ask it to convert from DOC -> RTF but you say RTF -> Doc
    So maybe you confused it :)

    Works fine here.

    alt text

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