Difference in installation location between online installer and offline installer

  • Please can the following be verified:

    The installation location differs between the online installer and offline installer.

    I have inherited a Visual Studio project developed using version 5.7, installed using the online installer, and am trying to build it on a system which has version 5.7.1, installed using the offline installer.
    The fails because the QTDIR variable refers to a different location.

    The machine I am using has limited internet connectivity,so I would prefer to use the offline installer.

    Any suggestions or guidance would be gratefully received.

    Thank you.

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    Yes they are. With the Offline installer it's installed with Major, Minor, Patch version while with the online installer, it's only Major, Minor therefore when you update using the online installer, you have always the latest from that version of Qt.

    What version of Visual Studio are you using ?
    Does the project have a .pro file ?

  • Thank you for the response.

    The project is being built using Visual Studio 2013, and does not have a .pro file.

    I think I may end up re-installing the online installer, and changing its installation location to match that of the online installer.

    This machine has either limited or no internet access, so I would prefer not to use the online installer.

    Updating patch versions will then require some extra work.

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    You could likely update the configuration of your project to look for your new version of Qt.

    This page might help.

  • Thanks again.

    This information is very useful. I have sufficient information now to move forward.

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    You're welcome !

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