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New Install of Qt 5.8.0 on macOS Hangs before finishing Install

  • New Install of Qt 5.8.0 on macOS Hangs before finishing Install
    Screen shot show shows where it hangs, about 1/3 into install
    Using mac x64 clang 5.8.0 dmg 1.4GB

    alt text

    I've waited 1 hour for the hang to clear, nothing. Had to force quit installer
    CPU quad cores all at 20% during hang,

    Rig is iMac with macOS 10.11.6 El Cap

    Any tips on how to clear this?

  • @BitBucket I launched the Qt Creater 4.2.1 and it appears to be fine, but ...

    The Examples section is blank. No sample code listed, empty

    Is that normal?

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    No it's not normal, can you check whether the online installer works better ?

  • Yes, now switched over to using the Online 20GB installer and had partial success.
    I saw the message "Downloads Completed" and is started into unzip and install section

    It hang just after completing the section "GameController" unzip and install completed
    This was about 90% into the install, almost to the end. That's where it hang, had the freeze

    I ran a very simple desktop app and that built and ran fine, so far so good
    Desktop, and iOS kit setups look ok, not Android

    I do see an error in the Android kit setup, I won't need Android or iOS

    Query, If I'm only doing desktop apps, is there a more complex example I could build and run to
    validate the install is ok even with the hang? or other tip to validate my install is good to go?

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    The online installer isn't so heavy. You can deselect everything you don't need and the installation will be much lighter.

    You can test the examples from other modules e.g. QtSerialPort, QtMultimedia, etc.

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