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Trying to add custom examples to Qt Creator 4.2

  • I am trying to make Qt creator display a directory full of custom examples when you view the "Examples" tab in Qt Creator. Qt Creator fires up and everything, just won't find the examples I want it to.

    I have this working in an older version, but I am trying to get it working in the newest version and so far this is what I understand:

    • the qt.conf, set with the correct prefix should be able to find the 'doc' directory
    • in the doc directory, I have the .qch file which is used for the help documentation and another directory which contains the examples-manifest.xml, which contains the information to find all the examples, their documentation, icon image, and so forth... (does this need to be specifically referenced somewhere?)
    • by default, 'examples' is the directory Qt Creator should be looking for examples, and that's where my examples directory is located

    Is there an easier way to do this? Anyone have any insight?

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