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How to use void QTextStream::setRealNumberNotation

  • Hi,

    I need to use void QTextStream::setRealNumberNotation(RealNumberNotat ion notation). I looked at so-called Docs for it, but there is no example for beginners! (It's here:)

    For example:

    QString ss;
    QTextStream (&ss);
     // here to use it

    How to use it please?

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    ss.setRealNumberNotation(QTextStream::ScientificNotation) or ss.setRealNumberNotation(QTextStream::FixedNotation) or

  • Thank you. Please have a look at these:

    QString s;
    QTextStream ss(&s);
    ss << 1000000;
    result_box -> setText(s);

    Here the result is: 1000000
    But in this one:

    QString s;
    double d = 1000000;
    QTextStream ss(&s);
    ss << d;
    result_box -> setText(s);

    The result is: 1e+06 !!!

    Why? And how to solve it please?

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    You're not using the same types in both code sample. Once you send an integer and next a double. setRealNumberNotation affects float and double, not integers.

  • OK, thanks.

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    You're welcome !

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