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Getting Started - downloading Designer

  • I am a beginner. I am using Windows 10, and in the cmw window, I downloaded PYQT5 using "pip3 install PyQt5" -- it was successful. Do I need to download QT\PyQt5 DESIGNER separately? If not (ie, it is contained in my original download), how do I load/run it (like how do I get an icon/exe/ on my taskbar)? If I need to download DESIGNER separately, How/where do I do that? As I said, I am a beginner to all of this stuff, so please tell me exactly what to do.

    About a month ago, I downloaded PyQT4 from the Riverbank website (I think), which came with Designer (I think) and it downloaded like a typical file -- it showed up in windows start menu and I could pin an icon to taskbar. I uninstalled PyQt4 (long story), and now I want the same thing (icon, etc) for PyQt5 Designer. Thank you.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I'd recommend brining this to the PyQt forum. They'll be best to answer packaging related questions.

    Just in case, I saw the pyqt5-tools package that might be interest.

    Hope it helps

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