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QTgamepad, how to install and .pro configurations

  • Hey everyone...
    I know it seems like a really obvious matter to most of you guys out there but please bear with me...
    I'm searching for a library to get input from a PS4 Controller, so I winded up with Qt's qtgamepad.
    This module however doesn't seem to be in the installed files by the Qt installer and you gotta download it from the github by this link that I found:
    So I downloaded this project (module Idk what to call it...) but I have no idea how to use the files...
    I guess that I have to build it first however I didn't find any video on youtube or any manual on internet about how to do so, they all just say how to use it!
    I found some headers and tried to use them but my .pro file in my project needs the famous (LIBS += /Directory/ )...
    So I appreciate any help that you guys are willing to give about how to build this Qtgamepad...
    Tnx in advance.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The official Qt source repositories can be found at Github is just a mirror.

    You first have to build and install the module. You can to that from Qt Creator, so you ensure that you are using the right version of Qt.

    Once installed, you can start here

    Note that IIRC, QtGamePad is a technology preview with Qt 5.8 so you could also just install that version and get the module to test.

  • Hi @AliRezA912 please were you able to install figure out HOW TO actually install the QTgmaepad?
    Same issue, here and would be very grateful for any pointers.
    Thank you in advance

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    @Davidisi hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you follow my suggestions ?

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