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Customize QOrbitCameraController setup

  • Re: How to zoom using mouse wheel using qt3d?

    qt5.8 is out now, do some new about customizing the input or event of the QOrbitCameraController

    • assign custom key keyboard and mouse button.
    • inverse axis
    • common setup presets, like (3ds. maya. blender and so on)

    The default setup is not intuitive, he look like needed to have a way to customize it.


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    @lluull What is the question?

  • Hi,
    Regardless to the linked topic on my post.
    m.sue was talking about some new implementation commin in qt5.8 for QOrbitCameraController.

    My question is, so, to know if a new functionalities are done about QOrbitCameraController ?
    Also, i woukld like to bring my interest to know the road dev for this part (camera manipulation) in qt3d.

    View manipulation always benefit to be easily customizable, like the tree roof points listed in my post.


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