Can't link old Qt Bug Tracker account with new unified account

  • I have an old Qt Bug Tracker account (nieder) that I'm trying to link to my new unified account. But when I try to log in to, the service asks for my username. If I give it my bug tracker username, it tells me that already exists. If I select the link "Hey, I have an existing Qt Bug Tracker account." and try to use the credentials for my old bug tracker account (or the new account), authentication fails.

    How can I link my old bug tracker 'nieder' account to my (this) account?

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    @tekojo can you look at that ?

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    Hi @Hanspeter-Niederstrasser
    I'll open a case with our back end people about this. It's probably a case of old account having not been correctly connected to the Qt Account.

  • Thank you.

    Also, is it possible to change my @ id here in the forum? When I created this forum login, I put my full name because I misunderstood what the form was asking (I thought it was asking for my name, not my online nick). I would be OK with keeping it, although it seems that the forum backend doesn't like it too much because if I try to edit my profile (to for example change my location or sig), I get an error that says "Username too long" :) So if it possible, it would be preferable to change my @ forum id to 'nieder'.

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    @Hanspeter-Niederstrasser it appears that the bugtracker and this account use different email addresses, which makes it complicated.
    Can you send me a chat message with the details on the accounts?

  • @tekojo: Private message sent with email details.

  • Ping. Any word from the back end people?

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