Deployed app(apk) looking different after first run

  • Hello there :)
    With some effort I finally managed to install Qt for Android and wrote today my first testing app. Everything went ok when debugging(usb debugging on galaxy s5) but after deploying the app via "Bundle Qt libraries in APK" and installing+running it on the phone I encountered a problem.

    The layout/design/style of the app changes after the first time run. This is how the app looks after installing and tapping 'Open':
    alt text

    After closing the app via the back button and opening it again from the app drawer it looks like this:

    alt text

    As you can see something in the graphics changes. Any ideas what might cause this ?

  • Update: It seems the same happens in Genymotion emulator.

  • Looks like I've managed to do it by adding the following line into the main function :


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    Out of curiosity, can you check what style is used by default ?

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