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Several Qt Help Frameworks in one application

  • Hello,

    our application based on Qt has very massive structure and functionality and it uses Qt Help Framework for displaying it's help via QHelpEngine with contex sentive help integrated in it.
    But we would like to have seperate Help for 2 different parts of the application: Help for the basic form of the application and different Help system for plugins that are uploaded on top of of the basic application. I was looking for the similar cases in the web, but did not see any. So now I am wondering, is it possible to implement this kind of idea using the QHelpEngine API? So both of the Helps have to have contex sentive help ability, they must have seperate help sources

    Will be very greatfull for any information

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean handle two different help engines depending on which part of the application you're in ?

  • Have you tried simply instantiating two instances of QHelpEngine? The constructor takes a file, so that should be possible.

  • @SGaist, @frederik hi, thank you for your replies!
    And the answer on @SGaist 's question - yes, kind of. The basic documentation, something like "Application User Guide" is available all the time for a user, and if he dowloads some plugins on top of the app, user will get access to "User Guides of Application Plugins".
    @frederik, but I was thinking about it. So the 2 instances of QHelpEngine will work independently then? We were just wondering, may it couse errors in id processing for content sensitive help?

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