QtMultimediaKit (on Ubuntu)

  • I have the simplest case possible:

    1. A fresh install of Qt Creator* straight from the Ubuntu Software Centre.
    2. I run it, select the C++ example 'Multimedia >> Audio Devices' ... building as desktop.
    3. I press [Build] - it fails.

    I had to poke around to install QtMultimediaKit ... but even then it can't find <qmobilityglobal.h> & <qtmedianamespace.h>

    (For the sake of people searching the forums later: Error Message: | qmobilityglobal.h: No such file or directory | )

    Which package do I need to download? I've basically selected every QT package I could find - but still no joy.

    Thanks in advance,


    (Note: * Qt Creator 2.2.1, based on Qt 4.7.4 (32-bit) )

  • Hmm -- a solution seems to be:

    1. Download additional libraries
    2. Add this to the .pro file:

    INCLUDEPATH += /usr/include/QtMultimediaKit
    INCLUDEPATH += /usr/include/QtMobility

    It seems bizarre, though, that the sample projects supplied with the creator don't run straight out of the box - that's why they are sample projects.


  • Install

    • qtmobility-dev
    • libdeclarative-multimedia

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