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QTreeView(QFileSystemModel) doesn`t update after drag and drop MoveEvent

  • Hello,
    I have a QTreeView with QFileSystemModel. I want to use Drag and Drop to MOVE Directories to another Parent.
    Directory moves as expected when i look in explorer, but the QTreeView doesn`t update correctly.
    After drop QTreeView hides only icon of source node, but the node itself is still there. The droped folder is not visible in destination parent.
    Any suggestions?

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    What version of Qt and OS are you running ?

  • Hello !
    I'm on Win 7 Qt 5.5.
    I think it is a Netzwork path problem.
    For example :

    QFileSystemModel model;
    model.setRootpath("D:/Folder"); //WORKS !
    model.setRootpath("//Computername/Folder"); //DOESN`T WORK !

    Of course, i have all right for this folder.
    If i have a absolute local path, QTreeView updates correct !
    Networkpath doesn`t work.

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    @km22 From documentation:
    "The QFileSystemModel class provides a data model for the local filesystem"
    I think "local filesystem" means only local file system, no network.
    Maybe if you map that path to a drive letter it will work?

  • Sure. Thank you jsulm!
    I havn`t seen that.

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