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Enabling QBoxPlotSeries, QLineSeries and QScatterSeries to display QVariant NULL as gap

  • As far as I am aware, the three series display the null as zero. Has someone found a way to enable them to display the null as gap? If not, please vote for feature request for it (

  • I have voted for this feature.
    Have you found any alternative solution for this?

  • You can dynamically create a new line series, keep appending data till u need gap, after gap again create a new line series and keep appending data to the recently created line series.
    Using count you can keep track of how many line series has been created, and using removeallseries/removeseries(index) you can clear the dynamically created series.

    If you have more gaps, it will affect the performance, since we are creating a line series dynamically, load time will increase.

    This how I handled the above scenario,

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