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Boot to QT Image for X86 system

  • This is a newbie question.

    I have developed a QT 5.7 application that I would like to deploy on an X86 target. The target is powerful, it contains 4 GB of RAM ,16GB of flash. and a touchscreen. The processor is a G-Series AMD G-T40N. The application runs well on Ubuntu 16.04 on the target.

    I am in need of a fast booting Linux distribution. I believe that the distribution should support an overlay file system as power can be removed from the target at any time. Unfortunately, I have no experience in the area of creating Linux distributions.

    Is there a Boot to QT image available for such an X86 system? If not, are other "off the shelf" images available that would rapidly boot to my QT application?

    Thank you in advance for this newbie question.


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    Taking a quick look at the current list of devices here, I'd say yes it is. This feature being commercial, I'd recommend asking the Qt Company directly for more details.

  • As my application is non-commercial, I am hoping to find an open source image for my application.


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